S2 mortality tables

(Feb 9, 2014)

The CMI has released the long-awaited S2 series of mortality tables based on pension-scheme data.  These are the first new tables since the CMI changed its status (the S2 series is only available to paying subscribers, unlike prior CMI tables).  A comparison of the main S2 mortality rates with the preceding S1 rates is given in Figure 1.

Figure 1. Ratio of S2 mortality rates to S1 rates. Source: Own calculations using S1PA and S2PA tables from the CMI.

Ratio of S2PA mortality rates to S1PA rates

As expected, there have been large reductions in mortality, especially for males - at ages 60-80 there has been a fall of at least 15%.  This age range is key for pension-scheme reserves and annuity profitability.  The S1 series has an effective date of 1st Septemberů

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