Putting the TAS into Longevitas

(Sep 22, 2010)

In the UK the Board for Actuarial Standards (BAS) has published a series of Technical Actuarial Standards (TAS).  At the time of writing there are three standards which are either in force or shortly will be: one for data (TAS-D), one for reports (TAS-R) and one for actuarial models (TAS-M).

TAS-D concerns the quality of data used in actuarial reports and analysis.  The emphasis is on documenting the data definitions, together with the validation checks which have been performed and the purpose to which the data will be used.  If data are incomplete or inaccurate, then these limitations are to be clearly documented to enable the reader to know how much reliance can be placed on them.  TAS-D applies to all data usedů

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Tags: BAS, TAS

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