Remembrance of Things Past

(Jun 13, 2013)

With all due respect to Marcel Proust, involuntary memory isn't something I particularly worry about. Now, involuntary forgetting on the other hand, that is something I'll admit to, and I'm fairly sure I'm not alone. We rarely lose the flashbulb moments, but the problems happen when we don't realise that flashbulb ought to have fired until weeks or months later, at which point significant events risk being lost in the fog.

In software terms, one definition of "memory" is what we record in an audit trail. This concept of a chronological record of activities isn't just an important plank in a comprehensive security strategy (sometimes called defence in depth), but our belief is that it can also add value in everyday…

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Tags: audit, technology

Boxing Clever

(Mar 15, 2010)

Occasionally one comes across the expression "black box" with regards to a piece of software.  The user cannot see the inner workings of the software and may worry about what calculations are being performed.  It is worth taking a step back and looking at the dictionary definition of the term "black box":

black box n. 1. a self-contained unit in an electronic or computer system whose circuitry need not be known to understand its function. 2. an informal name for flight recorder.

Source: Collins English dictionary, Second Edition 1986.


Here we can see that the term "black box" is not pejorative when applied to computer system - indeed the majority of commercial software…

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Tags: audit, black box

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