Vampiric Victories

(Oct 29, 2015)

A Halloween-themed blog for the spooky season perhaps, but it isn't quite as off-topic as it first appears.  In legend, the vampire sought immortality through blood, whether drinking it or - reputedly in the case of Countess Elizabeth Báthory - bathing in it.  Whilst immortality is an admittedly desirable form of longevity, fairness dictates we point out the equally striking longevity impact in the opposite direction that befell the vampire's victim. Now, we'll let that brief waltz through vampire legend serve as prelude to a spattering of longevity-related research on the topic of blood.

The warnings from Oeppen and Vaupel notwithstanding, are we as human beings subject to a species-specific maximum…

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Tags: longevity, blood, centenarians, halloween

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