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(Oct 26, 2014)

Data in Longevitas takes two forms. Firstly, we have the user-uploaded data, which has normally been extracted from an administration system with only modest formatting and then secondly, we have operation input data which is the bare-bones format necessary to support a specific calculation. The system knows how to generate input data from user-uploaded data, but the process is strictly one-way. The input data does not contain sufficient information to be able to reconstitute the original records.

All of our operations have their own structure for input data, but all share a focus on brevity and suitability for the task in hand. As a result of this, all personally identifiable details are excised from operationů

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Longevitas input format

(Aug 10, 2013)

Gavin previously described the sort of data required for analysing a portfolio's mortality experience, such as with our flagship Longevitas service.  However, we have found that even those who do not use Longevitas themselves often need to create files for partners who do.  We have therefore made available on the right an Excel spreadsheet describing how to create input files for uploading into Longevitas.

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