Priority Clearance

(Nov 14, 2017)

We previously discussed the clearance of senescent cells as a plausible treatment for multiple diseases of aging. The theory goes that senescent cells drive systemic inflammation, and that this inflammation underlies aging pathology. In August 2017 the latter part of this theory was underscored by results from the CANTOS study. These showed the addition of the anti-inflammatory ACZ885 reduced major adverse cardiovascular events by 15% above the best available standard care, and also appeared to bring a 50% reduction in cancer mortality for patients on the higher dose. However, suppressing inflammation with ACZ885 carried a stark downside: a significant increase in the risk of fatal infections that…

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Tags: longevity, research, inflammation, disease

Making Sense of Senescence

(Oct 23, 2016)

Historical research we discussed previously proposed that significant increases in average life expectancy would require the cure of multiple diseases of aging. Without considering the detail of cause-of-death calculations conducted more than two decades ago, it certainly seems implausible even now that we'll cross such a dramatic Rubicon in the near-term. Of course, while complete cures grab headlines, any form of simultaneous progress against aging disease could still provide substantial improvements in healthy lifespan.

One way to target simultaneous progress against multiple diseases of aging would be to find plausible common factors to act against. Increasingly, researchers believe a plausible…

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Tags: longevity, research, inflammation, disease

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