Keep taking the tablets

(May 9, 2011)

Earlier Gavin wrote about a number of mobile devices from which you could run Longevitas software services, including a Nokia telephone and an iPod Touch.  This is not a result of specifically designing for these devices, but it is a handy benefit from following the open, published standards for web development.

As a further illustration of this, you can also run our services from one of the most iconic mobile devices, namely the BlackBerry. The picture in Figure 1 shows a BlackBerry 8520 running our flagship Longevitas survival-modelling software.  We're not pretending that this is terribly practical, though, as the BlackBerry screen is rather small.

Figure 1. BlackBerry running Longevitas survival-modelling…

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Tags: technology, mobile access, BlackBerry, iPad

Upwardly Mobile

(Feb 28, 2010)

We recently discussed the ways server-based modelling software facilitates collaboration across boundaries. Another important boundary is the office wall, although what was once considered an impermeable divide between work and the rest of our lives, is nowadays all-too porous. For most of us, there is no shoring up the dam; work will continue to bleed into our social lives, so we might as well take some pleasure in those developments that remove some of the pain. 

So perhaps you're on a train - going to a party, or a family event, or in some other way in danger of having a life.  But then you realise you forgot to schedule some modelling. And you need a complex optimisation on a large annuity book. You wanted it to run…

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Tags: technology, collaboration, mobile access

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