Open Verdict

(Oct 12, 2009)

If any doubt about Linux and Open Source technologies existed in Enterprise IT departments it must surely have been erased by last week's news: The London Stock Exchange, one of the engines that propelled the UK to the top of the World Economic Forum rankings, has invested in a Linux trading platform.

And this wasn't just a software deal. In the immortal words of Victor Kiam, the LSE liked it so much, they bought the company - MillenniumIT to be precise, a Sri Lankan-based developer of real-time trading systems. This transaction is expected to save the LSE £10 million per year.

This move has displaced a Microsoft .NET-based trading platform which had itself come in for much criticism in recent times. Whilst this shouldn't…

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Being open to open source

(Aug 19, 2008)

There remains some residual apprehension around open source software (OSS), despite the fact it is increasingly widely adopted.

However, such technologies can no longer be avoided, as Gartner announced at their open source summit:

By 2011, 80% of commercial software will contain significant amounts of open source code

Of course, it won't all happen in 2011 with a great thunderclap - the reality is, there is a huge investment in open source already:

  • The internet runs on open source - from the most popular http server (Apache) to the fundamental infrastructure for DNS name resolution (BIND). If it wasn't for OSS we'd be living in a very different world
  • Many commercial vendors including IBM, Sun and Oracle are active…

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