Risk transfer...and transfer risk

(Dec 21, 2017)

The risk-transfer market for defined-benefit pensions in the UK has been  buoyant for many years.  There is considerable demand from pension schemes - to say nothing of their sponsoring employers - for solutions that transfer risks to insurers.  These risk transfers can be comprehensive, such as bulk annuities that take on investment, inflation and all demographic risks.  Or else they can be narrowly focused, such as the longevity swaps that only transfer a specific part of a scheme's overall risk.

Whatever the solution, something else needs to be transferred long before the risk can be: data.  To price a longevity swap or a bulk annuity, an insurer or reinsurer needs some very specific data on the lives covered. …

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This message will self-destruct...

(Sep 28, 2008)

Not all security strategies need be as dramatic as those proposed by Mission Impossible, but anyone offering SaaS needs to ensure data is accessible by only authorised users.

One plank in any security strategy is encryption, the transformation of sensitive data into an unintelligible form. This scrambling of data is reversible only by those who have the appropriate key, or at least it should be.

One of the problems with encryption is that it is hard to make bulletproof. Algorithmic weakness and even the simple passage of time can transform an uncrackable cipher into a toy programming project.

For this reason, when the US Government needed a new encryption standard suitable for use by the NSA and the community…

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