New year, new insights

(Jan 9, 2019)

Happy New Year to all our readers!

As it happens, 2018 was an unexpectedly interesting year for longevity, especially for those interested in extreme long life and the mortality rates of the "oldest old".  Gavin blogged last month about the circumstantial evidence suggesting that the world's longest-lived person, Jeanne Calment, may not have been who she claimed to be.  In the same month Saul Justin Newman published two papers on the importance of rare errors in driving apparent mortality patterns at very old ages.  In the second of these two papers, Newman (2018b) reminded readers of the case of Carrie White, who for many years was falsely believed to be a supercentenarian (i.e. someone achieving the age of…

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Tags: supercentenarians, data quality, late-life mortality deceleration

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