Orders Of Magnitude

(Apr 7, 2021)

Updated 07/04/2021 for revised MHRA figures.

At the beginning of April, the MHRA published an analysis of vaccine safety reports in the UK and concluded that despite now finding increased evidence of rare blood clots following administration of AZD1222 from AstraZeneca (consistent with previous reports from Europe) the benefits of vaccination still outweigh the risks. This report was followed up by press-briefing on 7th April acknowledging the link between the vaccine and rare blood clots was "getting firmer". In a UK context this complication remains a remote possibility; up to 31st March UK found 79 instances of CVST or other low-platelet thrombosis out of 20 million doses given, representing a risk…

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An abundance of clots?

(Mar 16, 2021)

clot n. 1. a soft thick lump or mass: a clot of blood2. Brit. informal. a stupid person; fool.

Collins English Dictionary (1986)


As David Spiegelhalter (2021) points out, blood clots happen all the time:  "at least 100 every week" in a population of 5 million.  Set against this benchmark, reports of 30 clotting events among millions of vaccinated people are therefore unremarkable.  Nevertheless, irresponsible media have widely reported this non-news.  As a result, a number of EU nations have paused their use of the AstraZeneca vaccine against the virus that causes Covid-19.  This decision was described by some as acting out of "an abundance of caution".

However, pausing part of the vaccination campaign,…

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