'D' is for deficiency

(Aug 28, 2018)

The United Kingdom has long had persistent regional disparities in mortality, and thus in life expectancy.  A large part of this is due to socio-economic mix, as shown in a much earlier blog.  However, as Gavin showed in a comparison of three UK cities, socio-economic variation cannot wholly explain Glasgow's excess mortality.  There are many possible contributory factors, but in this blog we focus on one: sunshine.

An obvious difference between Scotland and the rest of the United Kingdom is that it gets less sunshine.  Figure 1 shows the monthly average hours of sunshine between 1981 and 2010:

Figure 1. Average monthly hours of sunshine across the U.K., 1981-2010. Source: Met Office.

And even when Scotlandů

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Tags: Scotland, sunshine, vitamin D

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