Our Services

Longevitas offers three services to assist those needing to understand demographic risks.

  • If you have sufficient experience data for your portfolio and wish to analyse a broad range of risk factors, the Longevitas Modelling software will allow you to do this.
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  • If you have little or no experience data, or need to quickly determine which percentage of a standard table should be used in valuing a pensioner portfolio, you should consider mortalityrating.com

  • If you need to make stochastic mortality projections or generate stress test for ICAs or Solvency II calculations, you need the Projections Toolkit.
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Longevitas is a registered trademark in the United Kingdom (No. 2434941) and throughout the European Union (No. 5854518).  US trade mark application number 77/143,671.  Longevitas Ltd is a limited-liability company, registered in Scotland at Conference House, 152 Morrison Street, The Exchange, Edinburgh, EH3 8EB (No. 301180).


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