Longevitas leading-edge software for modelling and analysing

Longevitas offers leading-edge software for modelling and analysing demographic risks, including mortality, longevity, critical illness, lapses and persistency...

Regulatory, competitive and margin pressure are driving industry demand for the best evidence-based approaches towards pricing, reserving and risk management. Read more about some current challenges and hot topics of concern to the industry, as we present our innovative approaches that can make a real difference to the bottom line.

Model expected deaths by age

Survival Modelling

If you have sufficient experience data for your portfolio and wish to analyse a broad range of risk factors, the Longevitas Modelling software will allow you to do this.

Read more about the Survival Modelling software

Projections Toolkit

If you need to make stochastic mortality projections or generate stress test for ICAs or Solvency II calculations, you need the Projections Toolkit.

More about the projections toolkit

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If you have little or no experience data, or need to quickly determine which percentage of a standard table should be used in valuing a pensioner portfolio, you should consider mortalityrating.com

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    11 June 2024

    Impossibility has often featured in humourous fiction.

  • Events, dear boy, events!

    31 May 2024

    When asked what was most likely to blow a government off-course, Harold Macmillan allegedly replied "Events, dear boy, events!".

  • Doing our homework

    12 May 2024

    In Richards et al (2013) we described how actuaries can create mortality tables derived from a portfolio's own experience, rather than relying on tables published elsewhere.

Latest news

  • Sessional meeting on robust mortality forecasting

    04 September 2023

    The Institute and Faculty of Actuaries (IFoA) is hosting a meeting on robust mortality forecasting in the presence of outliers on 27th November 2023.  A copy of the draft paper and booking details for attendance can be found

  • Version 2.8.7 of the Projections Toolkit

    12 August 2023

    2.8.7 update

    • A new resource area Training tab including datasets and exercises.
    • Availability of 2D Period shocks model as per Kirkby & Currie (2010).
    • Availability of a CBD M9 model with smoothing on main age term.
    • New
  • Version 2.8.7 of Longevitas

    12 August 2023

    2.8.7 Update

    • A new resource area Training tab including datasets and exercises.
    • Additional exclusion values for modelling specification.
    • Additional liability and valuation outputs.
    • License configurable SAML-based single-s

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