Upwardly Mobile

We recently discussed the ways server-based modelling software facilitates collaboration across boundaries. Another important boundary is the office wall, although what was once considered an impermeable divide between work and the rest of our lives, is nowadays all-too porous. For most of us, there is no shoring up the dam; work will continue to bleed into our social lives, so we might as well take some pleasure in those developments that remove some of the pain. 

So perhaps you're on a train - going to a party, or a family event, or in some other way in danger of having a life.  But then you realise you forgot to schedule some modelling. And you need a complex optimisation on a large annuity book. You wanted it to run overnight, and (of course) the results are required in the morning...Oh well, reverse gear, off the train, back to the office (or home) to get some work done. Night cancelled?

The thing about thin-client applications is that given a device with modern internet-browsing capabilities (like those found on Apple's iPhone, Nokia's N900, or Google's Android range), your work can travel with you. Whilst nobody is suggesting working on your phone is a great experience, when the need arises it is a whole lot better than having to pull the emergency brake cord on the 18:50 from Paddington!

For interest I've attached some of screenshots of Longevitas running on a couple of different handheld devices. Smartphone technology is changing all the time, so undoubtedly many devices will work, but as usual, your mileage may vary!



Browsing a model on the Nokia N900 Browsing a model on the Apple iPod/iPhone Downloading a model report on the Apple iPod/iPhone Exploring a parameter definition on the Nokia N900Using Longevitas in portrait mode on the Apple iPod/iPhone Downloading a model report on the Nokia N900



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Gavin Ritchie
Gavin Ritchie is the IT Director of Longevitas
Longevitas Client Support

The Longevitas front end is supported against Microsoft IE6, 7 and 8 as well as Mozilla Firefox 3 and 3.5+. We've also had success with Google Chrome and Apple Safari.

In short, any modern standards-compliant browser should be able to use the software, although to take full advantage of our direct-to-Excel and PDF report downloads you'll need compatible viewers.