Longevitas 2.4 Launched

Date: Nov 30, 2008

Longevitas Ltd is pleased to announce the production release of v2.4 of its risk-modelling software.  This version is immediately available to all existing clients, and includes new functionality in many areas including:

  • Solvency II / ICA - Whole portfolio run-off simulation
  • Solvency II / ICA - Perturbation run-off to analyse parameter risk
  • Data handling - Enhanced deduplication for complex compound names
  • New Models - Accelerated failure time: Weibull and Lognormal
  • Productivity - Collaborative modelling via shared files
  • Productivity - Bidirectional model specification and reuse
  • Performance improvements via enhanced parallelism

Longevitas is used by insurers, investment banks, reinsurers and consulting actuaries to analyse demographic risks. Applications to-date include mortality, longevity, critical illness and persistency.