Version 2.6.3 of

Date: 15 October 2011

Longevitas Ltd is pleased to announce the production release of v2.6.3 of its portfolio-rating software,

  • Equivalent-annuity calculations for a given portfolio.
  • Mass calculation of annuity factors and life expectancies, including Excel® spreadsheets to integrate with your own tools.
  • Inclusion of a new Technical Guide explaining internals and theoretical underpinning for the system calculations.
  • Improved integration features for clients with access to Projections Toolkit.
  • Operation completion and password hint notifications now available by SMS in addition to — or instead of — e-mail.
  • Additional extended authentication settings including multiple fixed IP addresses and net masks.
  • Two-factor authentication incorporating SMS passcode and fixed IP options
  • Validation and test facility for SMS numbers
  • Notifications at individual, organisation and server wide level
  • TAS-D, TAS-R and TAS-M information built in to every rating report
  • Integration with version 1.4 of the Projections Toolkit, including user-created stochastic projection bases
  • Extensions to simulations including support for Toolkit projections, sample paths and bespoke valuation bases
  • Geographic heatmap analysis by lives and amount
  • Inclusion of a variety of SAPS tables
  • User-selected projection basis for mortality improvements
  • Extended file format to support per member escalation and spouse details
  • Flexible generation of presumed spouses and setting of the proportion-married assumption
  • Enhanced rating model incorporating lifestyle, pension size and ill-health early retirements is used by insurers, investment banks, reinsurers and consulting actuaries to assist in choosing a mortality basis for existing schemes.