Version 2.5 of Longevitas

Publication Date:

Longevitas Ltd is pleased to announce the production release of v2.5 of its risk-modelling software

This version is immediately available to all existing clients, and incorporates new functionality:

  • New survival model laws: Inverse Gaussian, Log-logistic and Pareto.
  • A parameter explorer providing specific commentary and analysis of parameter estimates.
  • For ICA/Solvency II - Run-off simulations of in-force data against a selection of built-in stochastic projection bases.
  • A profile explorer allowing online interrogation of geodemographic groups/types for any licensed profiler.
  • The ability to output contingency tables to the online model browser and PDF report.
  • Greatly extended support for user-defined codes. Now as many as 30 bespoke risk factors can be uploaded and included in models.

Longevitas is used by insurers, investment banks, reinsurers and consulting actuaries to analyse demographic risks. Applications to-date include mortality, longevity, critical illness and persistency.