Launch of Longevitas Enterprise

Longevitas Ltd is pleased to announce the launch Longevitas Enterprise. This breakthrough service takes advantage of the latest hardware and software developments to deliver massively parallel performance in actuarial mortality calculations. Longevitas Enterprise is suitable for organizations who have to regularly analyse the mortality experience of large portfolios for pension risk-transfer transactions, such as bulk annuities and longevity swaps.

Longevitas Enterprise includes all the latest features of Longevitas and the Projections Toolkit:

  • All common forms of mortality analysis and modelling (A/E, Kaplan-Meier, GLMs, grouped counts, survival models),
  • The Hermite family of models specifically designed for pension risk transfer (PRT) modelling,
  • Testing of model suitability for financial purposes (bootstrapping),
  • Setting of prudential margins for level risk (mis-estimation) and longevity trend risk (VaR and CTE supported),
  • Multiple families of industry-standard stochastic mortality projections to assess model risk, and
  • An in-built expert system to guide analysts and warn of subtle data problems.

These features are combined with an unprecedented amount of dedicated resource:

  • Massively parallel processing with sixty times the computing power of a standard server,
  • Over twenty times the amount of memory and storage space, and
  • 30 user accounts with flexible collaboration options for teams working across multiple sites or countries.

This is by far the most powerful mortality-analytics service for actuaries on the market. Longevitas Enterprise service provides the ideal platform to run the most demanding calculations in the shortest time possible.